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Compiled by Nick LaGuire

•  “Oh there is another one, a tall stately man who says, I will run for the office of the United States of America as the President. God said, no, you will not, for you have tried to steal as Judas tried to steal.” (March 3, 2006 – Loveland , CO )

•  “The Spirit of God says in this nation and a few others there will be a Christian President in this nation for the next 20 something years, whether Democrat or Republican matters not. God said he will place a praying believer at the top, not a religious bigot, not someone that He is controlling but a spiritual person and because of this, this nation shall have terms of great victory and you will not have another war when this is ended for another 22 years says the Spirit of the Lord.” (December 1, 2006 – Detroit , MI )

•  “ America , you will win! You will win, yes you will win! For it shall come to pass, hear the words: For God said, I shall raise up men and women and God said, Presidents of this Nation for the next three terms shall be Christians. I will cause them to be prayers, warriors, even though the public shall not know much about it, when they step into the Office I shall do what I did with Saul and the Spirit of the Lord shall come upon him and he shall be changed into another man!” (January 26, 2007 – Oklahoma City , OK )

•  “The man that shall take office will be a man who will begin to take great prayer and will pray strongly. The man that stood and watched as 9-11 took place, God says will assure that this will never happen again in this nation. For I will protect you says the Lord.” (February 24, 2007 – Albany , OR )

•  “God said, "I want to bring honor to this nation. Watch what I do in 2008 , I will bring honor to this nation. There will be no shame, only honor to this nation," says the Lord. "It is My desire and My will to bring great, great favor to this nation. I will fill your White House with righteous men. I will continue to do it. I will not allow a people to be put to shame.” (March 17, 2007 – Wilkesboro , NC )

•  “I am breathing upon the political powers that be. For God said, I will not forget 911. I will not forget what took place that day and I will not forget the gatekeeper that watched over New York who will once again stand and watch over this Nation, says the Spirit of God. It shall come to pass that the man that I place in the highest office shall go in whispering My name. But God said, when he enters into the office he will be shouting out by the power of the Spirit for I shall fill him with My Spirit when he goes into office and there will be a praying man in the highest seat in your land. And God says, even a greater move of the Spirit shall take place and your enemies will finally be subdued by the year 2009.” (April 4, 2007 – Redding , CA )

•  “ But God said the church triumphant for in the month of October great shouts of victory. Great shouts of victory. For I shall give you a sign, whom I have placed in the White House shall go in discreetly but in sitting at the chair in the Oval office I will fill him with the Holy Spirit and My power," says the Lord of Hosts.” (May 4, 2007 – Orlando , FL )

•  “God says a President that I will bring into the White House they will say he is ungodly, he does not know God. Even as Jesus disguised himself for the great feasts, so I've disguised this man's heart. When he comes to the White House not only shall he be Mine but he shall pray as a man that has never prayed in the White House. That same man shall put his feet onto this platform. They will say how did this take place? Laws shall change. Young men and young women will have access into the kingdom and with authority into politics and with authority into the industries that now have been controlled by darkness because of this man that shall rule for two terms. Do not fear there will be no unnecessary stuff. There will be things that men shall question. Fear not for he shall sit in that seat and suddenly My Spirit shall come upon him and baptize him with a fire and with anointing says the Spirit of the Lord. No more war. The time for war has gone. The time for Peace has come. The House that you call White shall receive a man, a knight, who fought for you in your nights.” (June 17, 2007 – San Jose , CA )

•  “What is this that I hear, an independent that arises – a switch in power? God says listen, righteousness shall prevail in the streets of America and in the White House nothing will be determined without My counsel. They shall plan, but ultimately it is I, says the Lord, that will determine the outcome.” (July 14, 2007 – Nashville , TN )

•  “Rejoice please, for God said, you shall see fires through this Nation, but holy fires. You will see an intervention and Me going into the media, and taking the streets of this Nation. Why? God said, you have prophesied the wind and now you shall reap great, great, great rain, says the Lord. You will reap great whirlwinds and they will come. One more thing, the Spirit of God said, rejoice in this that you hear tonight, for even as you understand that the fires that I speak about will burn out dross and put in the White House a man who will then be transformed into a righteous believer. God said, do not fear, for I will not allow this Nation to fall on their knees in unnecessary humility, but God said, in humbleness of mind. And I will take the fire and destroy your enemies. Your time of peace has come, but more than this, your time of prosperity has come, America , says the Spirit of the Living God!” (July 27, 2007 – Harrisburg , PA )

•  “When I raise up the President of the United States and fill him with My Spirit, there shall be unusual happenings taking place in America .” (July 29, 2007 – Harrisburg , PA )

•  "Pray, pray, pray for America . Smile saints, smile for 2008 . For who I place in your White House, shall know the Spirit of God in a way. A very unique thing I will do. I told you before, there will be joy and celebration. For the man I place in the White House , shall not be filled with My Spirit when he goes in, but when he settles down, I will baptize him with fire and the Holy Spirit. Pray, pray, pray for America . … Rejoice for you are going to see celebration of My choice in this nation.” (October 5, 2007 – Seattle , WA )

•  “… they will see what I will do in 2008, I'll open the gate. I'll send you the one that will watch over the nation just like he did when New York came apart; I sent a man that would stand the ground. You'll hear the sound of a child in the White House because I'll open the door. I've opened a door that no man can shut. I will laugh at your enemies. As I raise your children up, they will come into the presence of the Lord. I will laugh at your enemies for in the White House I will place prayer will be his delight, America 's might. When prayer becomes your delight, that's when America will no longer fight.” (October 19, 2007 – Frederick , MD )

•  “I speak in the Northeast now because it will begin here. For God's Spirit says, surely I will take everything that happened in the time of Daniel and I will reveal it in this time in the Northeast. I will cause even those states that were here first in the United States of America to have a shaking because they have been cold, Massachusetts , Connecticut , Rhode Island , Maryland , Virginia , Georgia , North Carolina , and South Carolina . The Spirit of God says do you understand that even Delaware , New Hampshire , New Jersey , New York . God says I will not leave one of them out for they will rise up and say, as we were in the beginning so shall we be in this end time. They have said we have been left behind; No, God says I have kept the best for last. For it shall be that even in these states there shall be unusual happenings in the time of the voting. God says I will prove something, there is no Democratic there is no Republican when it comes to My Word, I will invade both the parties. This nation that was born and birthed to obtain religious freedom. God says it shall obtain not religious but spiritual freedom and victory.” (October 19, 2007 – Frederick , MD )

•  “I spoke to you about prayer, the ignition of prayer everywhere, not only in the prison but in the palace. Not only in the dark house but in the White House. Prayer restored like the prayer of Daniel.” (October 19, 2007 – Frederick , MD)

•  “The Nation shed its tears and now it's over. America will stand upright again.
The White House shall receive My Holy Spirit. And from the top you'll hear the sound of Yeshua. For He is worthy of our praise, worthy of our praise, that's why we bow before the Lord and give him praise.” (October 20, 2007 – Frederick , MD )

•  “And God said, once again Ohio , you will be a deciding factor, Ohio , once again the balance in your hands. God says, I will refresh you and I will refresh your memory. And God said once again from the soil of Ohio there will be decisions made that will affect the politics of this Nation.” (October 25, 2007 – Toledo , OH )

•  “The president that I place into the White House shall enter with unbelief and during his period of rein I will raise up a believer filled with My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts.” (November 4, 2007 – Whittier , CA )

•  “The greatest opportunity has been granted now for Me to invade the media and to show you how when you choose My president. I will place a man there that shall have no inclination towards spiritual things and many a Christian shall say alas we have a Democrat who is actually a Republican. God says fear not for it shall be a while and then in the seat I will take him and fill him with My Spirit. He shall rise to the occasion and begin to pray and peace shall come to this nation, respect and honor shall come to this nation. A move of My Spirit as this nation has never seen for the harvest you have been waiting for shall come.” (November 18, 2007 – Houston , T X )

•  “ America , waiting for someone to arise.  America , waiting for a man to lead you.  
But I am a jealous God and I'm the one that will lead you.  I'm the one that will take the oath, I'm the one that will sit in the White House and call the shots.  Now is the time, now is the time.” (January 18, 2008 – Portland , OR )

•  “Now I tell you a mystery again, there is a change, in the atmosphere, in the political arena.  For God said the enemy has chosen his one and I have chosen.  This is not a day where men can vote, this is a day when God instates men into the Oval Office.  There shall be a Vice President that shall be second to none, that shall take over the land.  God says hear the mystery of God, you shall not be afraid, you shall not say Democrat, Republican, Independent or what else.  God said this day I tell you that there will be swift change this next week that will shock many, many people. What is this super Tuesday?  God says there is no such thing.  There will be such a change that people will be shocked and they will say what do we do now?  God says rejoice for you heard the mystery of God.  For the enemy has decided one thing and I have proclaimed another.  The enemy has persuaded one way but I have made it as a principle to perform that which I said I would perform.  For as in the days of Daniel, there shall be men from the Middle East that shall come and they shall want counsel and they shall want help.  There are prophets that are being raised up all over the nations of the world.  God says I'm raising prophets up throughout the Middle East .  I'm raising prophets up throughout Europe .  I'm raising prophets throughout Scandinavia and Norway and Sweden .  I'm raising up prophets in Russia .  I'm raising up prophets all over the world.  For there shall be a death of a President and they shall say, what happened, what happened?  Where is Putin?  But God said let me hear you tonight that you understand that even though he is chosen as Time's Man of the Year I want you to know something; there is no such thing; for I will put My face on Time magazine, I'll put My face on Newsweek, I'll put My face there.  It shall be known as the invisible God without a face.  For God said I will make this My year.  I will make this a year where I will change so many things that people will say we have no hope, but God says rejoice, rejoice, rejoice for even as you sang out no limitation and even as you spoke out by the word of the Lord and you said these words, I'm taking it back.  God said it's already taken back; reclaim your land, reclaim your land says the Lord for this land the United States of America is My land and I've chosen it to speak by the voice of the prophets says the Lord.
Two secrets, two secrets will be revealed which will expose a candidate.  God says fear not, those that call themselves righteous are sometimes not quite so righteous.  Those who say we have religion have nothing but religion.  The Spirit of God said I will shake you because I'll show you I can take ungodly men and overnight I can make them godly men.  This is already in the making.  The four spirits, the four principalities that have been exalted or the four gatekeepers that have exalted the principalities in this region in Portland and in Oregon .  Now God says tonight by proclamation of the prophet, with the people who have agreed I am bringing those forces down so that there will be no religious control and there will be freedom, freedom, freedom says the Lord.” (January 19, 2008 – Portland , OR )

•  “This is what He said.  Do not be disheartened at the elections, for you shall be, many of you.  It's a man - no it's not a man, it's not a woman - God said in the term starting - God spoke about death - now I have to be careful how I word this:  this is a spiritual matter.  But there shall be a swift change in the next four years even though elections took place, people were voted in.  God said, do not be disheartened.  For when this takes place people will begin to shake and they will get fearful and then my people shall be needed and the voice of the prophets will invade every department, every department of government.  How is this?  "We want a Christian as a President."  God said, foohey.  What you want is righteousness within the system and I am sending apostles and prophets into the system, says the Lord.  Therefore do not fear when death strikes, for resurrection comes straight after that says the Lord of hosts!” (February 2, 2008 – Whittier , CA )

•  “Do not look to Democrat, do not look to Republican now, for this race is a joke.  God said you watch Me as I intricately move and work things out for the people of America .  For I have not forgotten your forefathers and their designs and their dreams.  Those same designs and their same dreams will not be obliterated but they will be replaced not by evil but by greater dreams, says the Spirit of God.” (February 10, 2008 – Pasadena , CA )

•  “ My nation waits, who shall be upon the throne?  Who shall reside over the populace?  Shall it be Democrat, shall it be Republican?  God said this day I say to you it matters not, for where are the conservatives?  God says listen the questions that you have shall not be answered by those that sit at the top.  I'm going to shock this nation.  God are You saying that You can take a donkey and speak through him?  Yes, indeed.  What about the authority that is given in the White House, men are praying?  Men have prayed, but not in vain, My ways are not your ways.  My thoughts are not your thoughts.  Yet My thoughts and you will understand; sometimes men who know too much about Me, know too much about Me therefore they can not allow Me to do what I want.  Let Me take that which seems ridiculous, crazy and show you how I can put a hook in a mouth and do exactly what I want.  Rejoice, rejoice for it is not your political power now but the sound that is being raised up from those who are about to tap into a new dimension of spirituality.  Young men and young women shall rise up in the next four years and come to the knowledge of the truth; like Daniel did, like Shadrak, Meshak and Abendego did.  They shall go into the power, the force, the capital, the White House and shall make a difference.  God said no recession, no recession.  I'll raise up this country and make it great again says the Lord.

Do not say we shall not have a man who is colored in his skin; we shall not have a man who thinks like us.  I put Saul in command and look what he did.  He was right, he looked good, he was head and shoulders above everyone else and yet look what he did to my priests.  God says do not always say we need a Christian in power.  The Spirit of God says this may be a dangerous thing for there is a Saul that I've prevented coming into the White House.  Listen to what the Spirit is saying, I have prevented a Saul in the White House, you think and work it out as you want.  God said what I'm doing is I'm taking charge.  I'm taking charge myself.  When I do what I'm going to do, you shall look back and say this is the way I know God; He can turn things around in one day.  So it shall be in one day I'll turn it around says the Lord.
God told me this is going to be the most unusual election and the most unusual rein.  When you prophesy there will be unique miracles and unusual manifestations that have never taken place.  Watch how I work this out.  America you have been set aside once again to pioneer a sound to the nations of the world.  The religious rhetoric and the religious nonsense will be taken care of by what God calls the impossible thing.  Watch Him work it out.” (February 18, 2008 – Detroit , MI )

•  “God says, there is a sway in the political arena, a change in your political world.  Enough of this discussion about Jeremiah Wright.  God said, this makes no difference.  It is a spirit that has endeavored to rock and sway the people and to divide them.  God said, I will sway it next week.  Yes, I will, and because of Pennsylvania I will raise up the man I want, says the Lord, to rule and to reign and to declare victory in the Middle East . 

We declare victory in the Middle East tonight.  We declare victory in America tonight.

For the Spirit of God says hear oh people of Zion .  Those who have been afraid in Zion , those who have been afraid in this nation, Fear not!  For your news media has intimidated you and therefore it is My turn.  Next week I will arise.  I will change everything.  For they have unfairly spoken against an African man and I'm not talking about Jeremiah Wright.  I'm talking about Obama.  For God said even though you may think this or that there is an element of righteousness inside of him to reach out for Jesus.  Therefore I will sway it next week says the Spirit of God and I will cause My man, My power to exalt in the White House what is necessary to declare victory.   For this time I shall rise up and I shall make known who I am in a way that I have never done it in this nation, says the Lord. 

For the Spirit of God says, do not say is it this one or is it that one. Hear me out.  I am raising up My mantle, My voice.  This nation shall be awakened to a spiritual activity that has been dead for 42 years. Listen to me says the Lord.  I will take over in a way and in a fashion that will bring a force of spiritual unity in this nation for the first time.  You can believe it or not.  I will take white and I will take African, and I will bring a unity in the church between the two of them, says the Spirit of God. 

This night in America and this next week, God has informed us to watch as he unfolds and reveals things so that you will know that your nation has not been set aside for division and discord but a time in the church where African American, where white or Caucasian, where Hispanic and every race in this nation under the spiritual guidance of the Spirit within a midst of war and division will bring them to a place of unity.
And God said where one race stood on the steps and covered the fields with million men marches and Jesus proclamations, there shall be one of the greatest gatherings at the Capitol that you have ever seen, says the Spirit of God.  This time it shall not be black, it shall not be white, it shall not be Hispanic it shall not be from this or that belief but there shall be a unified sound.  Two years from now where they will hear the sounds of faith and unity and within this next reign, there will be laws that will be changed in favor of the most High God.  Not because of Democrat, not because of Republican, but because of spiritual unity and intervention. I will bring you out of what they call a recession into your highest economy that you've ever had in your next four years, says the Spirit of God.  Do not think it impossible, for it shall be so.  For the gatekeepers of this nation are not the Mayors nor the Senators. The gatekeepers of this nation are not the Congressmen or the Congresswomen. Yes, they are gatekeepers but the gatekeepers (I am speaking of) of this nation are the spiritual leaders the Apostles and the Prophets the Teachers, the Evangelists the Pastors that I've raised up. And there shall be a sound of unity that will call from heaven the manifestation of God as it has never been in this nation.  Get ready for your sons and yours daughters will prophesy just like Joel said in the last days.  In the last days your sons and your daughters, they shall be prophets and prophetesses and your old men shall dream dreams. Your young men shall have visions.  This is that time, says the Lord of hosts.
Let not your opinion cloud your spiritual mind.  You say, what are you saying?  The Spirit of God says, call them not denominations rather abominations, for I am not speaking of these that have built walls.  I'm speaking of the true warriors that shall sway the political field, that will sway the justice.  It shall be more than a million gathered, more than a million gathered!  And God said they shall say Washington ; what is this?  This is a sound that we have never heard before. 

And God said I will take the entire Northeast and I will shake it and the double portion that I promised upon the Elisha generation shall be released.  Do not say we are in recession, for I will take the oil crisis and bring it to an end and the rapidity of it shall take place because of the unity of the saints and the unity of the of the gatekeepers.  Get ready for what you have seen on the television regarding Jeremiah Wright and everybody else is not for evil but for good. I will turn it around and bring unity in My house says the Lord of Hosts.
Your present President will not leave his office or his term in shame.  There will be a very precise vindication of numerous things that were scorned, that were mocked by men that thought they knew but understood nothing.  And when the baton is handed over, God said there shall be no fear in the nation.  Now take that and be secure. 

I speak not as a politician tonight. I speak to you as a prophetic voice.  Not tolerated but celebrated by the people.  Stand firm, you and your house will serve the Lord.  And as the prophet Joel said in the last days, your sons and your daughters...  Sons and daughters are being raised up to prophesy and to have visions.  Old men to dream the dreams.  That mantle has been cast upon the Church.  Therefore I would say Your time of acceleration has reached its peak.  You're taking off!” (March 29, 2008 – Harrisburg , PA )

•  “…watch as I move in these next two years and I show America how strong I am and prove Myself in the political arena.  I shall be your President, says the Spirit of the Living God!

“And they shall say, "but now there is a second President, how can we have two presidents?"  An unusual thing, isn't it, says the Spirit of the Lord?  Why would it be that one with a double mind would stand up and face the people?  No, they shall say "we have two presidents, what do we do now?"  Fear not, for God said, as I promised before this is My Nation and I will change things according to the time and season and I told you now in Spring I will expose and reveal things that have been hidden so that My Nation can move into this next election and  to the next phase with victory and honor and glory, says the Lord of Hosts!” (April 4, 2008— Seattle , WA )

•  “By October there would have been severe exposures - politicians.  And they shall say, "has America gone mad?  What has happened to its political discourse?"

God said what you are seeing unfolding is the exposure of political preachers and men who dress in the cloth that have no power but to destroy.  I will expose them one by one, says the Lord of Hosts!

For what you have seen, what you have heard coming from pulpits has brought shame to what they call the clergy.  Now God says, I want to bring honor to what they call the clergy, I want to bring honor to the true voices and I shall do this by November of this year in the United States of America , says the Lord!

There is a principality that has schemed to bring a weapon against my people, for this political war that you have seen is not something to be taken lightly, but I will arise and there shall be one exposure after the other   And God said even things regarding your oil and your energy I will expose.  And they will say, "what do we do now?  We have no candidates left."  God said there is only one candidate for this country:  and that is the Holy Spirit.  That's Who it is and that's Who has been designated to be the power and the voice in this Nation, says the Lord!” (May 30, 2008 – Wilkesboro , NC )

•  “For My people who are called by My name, that are turning away from their wicked ways, who are praying - I will hear them, says the Lord.  And I will bring about some incredible exposures by the November of this year so that the people of this Nation will say, "once again we stand in honor, once again the people look at us not with shame but with honor." (June 21, 2008 – San Jose , CA )

•  “And when there shall be the change of hands, there will be the change of arms in this country as you know.  And when your new President comes in, they will say, "what of the age?  What of the age?  Will one die in office?"  God said, it matters not, for I will bring civility because I will take three of your enemies and make them your footstool.   I will take three of your enemies and I will make them your friends, says the Lord of Hosts, for there's going to be tremendous discoveries in the soil of the ancient China and God said, rejoice for tonight you are hearing the mysteries and the secrets about America .  I am planning great things for you, says the Lord!” (June 21, 2008 – San Jose , CA )

•  “The Spirit of God says get ready for an election of a lifetime.  This is going to be the biggest joke, for this is going to be an election of a lifetime.  And God said, right here in Florida I'm going to do some turning around, right here in Florida I'm going to do some turning upside down.  God said, you have been a determining factor for too long.  Many say, "what is it that God has chosen in this state?"  God said, watch and see.  Because you see fire has come against you, but once again from this soil and from this place I will turn things upside down.

It seems as if your coffers are empty, it seems as if there is not enough, no money.  God said, I'm about to turn things upside down.  I'm about to turn things upside down.  People will say "is it Republican or is it Democrat?  What is it?"  The Spirit of God said, fear not.  For from this state I will turn things upside down.  Why?  Why?  Why?  Because God said, I'm going to do some vindication, some exposures, and you will hear and say "we heard it before it happened." (June 29, 2008 – Tampa , FL )

•  “…I've told you there will be political upheaval and I will not take sides with any party in this nation, but I will rule with a rod of iron in this next election.” (August 8, 2008 – Lancaster , PA )

•  “There shall be righteousness in the White House, and there shall be righteousness in the White House, there will be righteousness in the White House! There will be peace in this Nation.” (August 31, 2008 – San Jose , CA )

•  “This is the word of the Lord:  You have come to hear what I have set aside for this nation for the next four years.  Can a man restore order?  Can a man bring change?  None of those that stand shall do anything that they say, they shall attempt but without My presence and the acknowledgment of the Christ that was laid into the foundation, in the cornerstone of this nation, no man shall qualify to do anything.  But the Spirit of the Lord said I have taken my prophet and prophets to the mid-term of this next president where sudden death shall cause people to say "has the Lord forsaken us?"  But not so, for God said, even as this night you remember these words and you have allowed my prophet to prophesy the deep mysteries of the kingdom, for it shall be a massive and very strange happening, when they shall say "why are the democrats and the republicans suddenly joining forces with certain issues?"  This shall be the working of the Lord.  This shall be a presentation that shall shock and nullify those who have attempted to say " America will never stand united again."  For God said you shall have two very severe enemies suddenly rise up against you and God said, you will not go to another war, for I will prevent it because I will take certain things that shall be manifested and they shall begin to withdraw because of the great authority that shall come because of the unity of this event that shall take place in the United States of America.  For God says they shall say "we have no choice but to join hands, we have got to lay aside our differences."  And the Spirit of the Lord said it shall be a marvelous thing.  It shall confound your enemies.  For God said I will cause the next four years to be a rulership under Me and under the Lord God Almighty and under the banner of the Trinity, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.  Do not say "God has forsaken America ."  I have just told you through my prophet that there shall be so many changes and America shall be known as great and they shall be proud for they have attempted to help and unite other nations but now God said there is discord amongst this nation.  I will cause you to be surprised, for God said you will look and you will say "look things have happened that we never dreamed would happen" therefore let Me rule, let Me reign.  For the peace of God is about to rest upon this nation, yeah it shall be My will to speak goodness and goodness shall happen, says the Spirit of God!

For it is a stench unto Me, says the Lord, to hear men speak about the possibilities of an African American president with disdain.  I've already told you that there shall be an African American president that shall come to rule but it shall come in My time.  It shall come in a time of maturity, it shall come at a time that is perfect for this nation.  Therefore God said, do not look back and say "oh we have to go back a few years."  (September 20, 2008 – Detroit , MI )

•  “The Spirit of the Lord said at this very moment in time in this nation there are forces at work to divide as never before what I have spoken and what I have told would happen, says the Spirit of God.  But yet I hear few that rejoice in the future of this nation.  This night, says the Spirit of the Lord, they will say "this one lost and this one won" but God said there shall be no winners. 

For I am going to change things within the week and they will say "but the system has fallen and has let us down" but God said, do you not realize that when I stood outside of Capernaum I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.  This is a night to remember, says the Spirit of the Lord, for even that hour as I stood before Capernaum I spoke to the prince of the air and said "oh prince of darkness, you have exalted yourself into the heavens but you shall be brought down to Hades."  God says, the exalted spirits of this nation that have been placed into positions of power, they have been struck by light, says the Spirit of God.  For even in that word that I spoke, I said, "I see Satan as if struck by light brought down from heaven, brought down from his lofty place."  God said, this week he shall be brought down from a lofty place and I will exalt Myself in the presence of this nation, says the Lord!” (September 26, 2008 – Nashville , TN )

•  “God said, your White House shall be filled with My presence.  Your White House shall have a change.  Your White House shall be filled with prayers and praise and they will say "they've gone crazy, they are calling it the prayer house."  And they will say "that's not the White House, that's the prayer house. They've fallen into pieces, they've gone crazy."  God said, yes, they've invited Me to where I truly belong, to where your forefathers put Me, where your forefathers placed Me.  That's where I belong and I'm coming back with vengeance says the Lord!” (September 27, 2008 – Nashville , TN ) 

•  “Therefore, the Spirit of the Lord says, rejoice for in these next four years I will pay back, pay back, pay back, pay back, pay back, pay back, pay back again and again, says the Lord of Hosts!” (October 8, 2008 – Chicago , IL )

•  “Do not rely on Obama, do not rely on McCain they do not have the answers.  Let me tell you something, political powers have no answer.  There is only one leader and if America would understand that and that is the Lord Christ who began this nation.  I want you to know that that's going to steer us through the storm.” (October 26, 2008 – Hunstville , T X )

2016 Election?

•  “Even Ireland shall change and there shall be a great breakthrough in Ireland . And God said, even the Irish and the Lord said, you watch me how I link up together. And God said it shall come to pass that I will take a man of Irish descent again, and place him in the White House. This is years to come. But God said a John F. Kennedy that once was to be great, but God said now another as a John F. Kennedy, but with uprightness, with morality, and with great strength of leadership, and they shall say "it is JFK reincarnated." And God said, I will laugh at your psychics, for the prophet spoke in Harrisburg , Pennsylvania long before it happened, that this shall be a sign to this Nation that what took place in the sixties and what was supposed to take place will take place in the teens of the 2000s - of 2015 and 2016.”

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